best friend from kindergarten getting married!!

we really did meet in kindergarten and we really have remained good friends still, until this very day. sure, there are weeks,even sometimes months that we go by without speaking or talking but never for any ill-reasons. when we do meet or chat, it’s like the weeks or months never went by. we pick up where we left off and continue. as little girls, we spent days at each other’s houses, nights gossiping about boys and toilet papering their houses.. can’t believe we are so grown up and she is now getting married!

breanne and i shared a lot of the same passion growing up and i think that ultimately, being in show choir brought us and kept us really close. a lot of my fond memories with breanne have something to do with show choir, or being on tour, or being silly in rehearsal, or singing all day long to other people’s significant others on valentine’s day.

i can’t believe that she has become such an amazing woman, strong in her faith, and now with an equally amazing man next to her, i hope. haha. kidding. i met her now fiance, patrick, once and i gotta say, he’s a keeper! just as talented musically and almost as good looking as breanne! πŸ˜‰ to see her settle down and be so grown up is almost unreal! anyway. i have too much more to say.. but i thought instead, why not put up some pictures to do the talking instead?? it’s so much more fun to look at than letters anyway.. πŸ™‚

singing valentines!

ditching school and playing at seal beach. πŸ™‚

junior honor guard. june 2004.

senior prom. 2005.

in boston, on tour. junior year.

bre, my dear friend ever since we were like what, 4 years old? 5 years old? i am so happy that we’ve remained friends all these years! i am excited to see where the next decades to come takes us in our lives. i know that you and patrick are going to be so hap being engaged, getting married, building a family.. i hope for nothing but the best for you two. patrick, take care of her! πŸ™‚ can’t wait for it to be march already! so excited to be helping with your wedding; i’m honored. love you, breanne!!

favorite picture of all time!


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So, I can’t ever seem to decide if I enjoy writing on this thing or not. I’ve always written in this only to later make it private.. In any case, a few pictures of the last couple weeks.. I mean, months. Ok, fine, the last YEAR. Ha. (Not in any chronological order.. Just to make my life easier.)

Ann’s 20th Birthday Dinner at Goofy’s Kitchen!

A bunch of the girls got together for Ann’s birthday for dinner and I thought we had a ton of fun! More fun than I thought we were going to have. Everyone always said that character dining at Disney resort was for kids but seriously, we had a blast! And it was a buffet.. Yum.. Peanut butter and jelly PIZZA! Worms in mud! Popcorn chicken!

Ann's 20th

November 2009

Goofy with the Girls

We had a visitor!

Ann with Max!

And Max stopped by for a visit too!



Random Trip to Disneyland with Whitney

I guess just because this is what we do when we get bored at night.. πŸ™‚

I love you WHITNEY!

Random trip to Disneyland with Whitney!


It was so excited to not only go watch a show at the Hollywood Bowl with Ann but even more exciting because it was to see JASON MRAZ! Pretty much, we both love him to death! The show was just amazing and we had great seats! He is just a talented guy. And just a super cool person. AND.. Ann got to meet GLOVE and get him to sign her jacket!




Got lucky meeing G LOVE out by the merch stand.


Fun night!


Yes.. It is true. We watched Jason in LA on a Saturday night and then on Sunday, drove down to San Diego to watch him perform the last show of the tour! Again, amazing as always. Seats weren’t as good but the crowd, the music, and Jason were just as great!


In San Diego!!


Haha. This was over a year ago. But it was seriously one of the best memories I have of college. It was like prom/formal/homecoming type of dance/event. Fun night with the gals!


Pretty much prom for college students.. Haha. Roaring 20s!

The Ladies

The ladies!


So, the wedding season has officially begun with JOE and ERICA getting married in JUNE 2010! So, I don’t know why but I didn’t get any pictures at the wedding itself.. Weird, I know. But I got some from the party afterwards.. Kinda hilarious! Definitely was a fun time and amazing to see them both so happy together. CONGRATS you two!

With the BRIDE!

Congrats, ERICA!


And Eric with the Groom!




Haha. So, at the end of the night.. Eric was pretending to play Guitar Hero along to a BON JOVI song..


I know, soooo long ago again. But it definitely was a fun night with a fun group of people!

Halloween 2009

Just because this night was so fun! Yay for this group!




No words. It was so amazing to see Lisa and baby Arianna in her tummy! Can’t wait to post pictures of the little one.. πŸ™‚ Love you, Lisa! And baby Arianna!

with LISA

With LISA! I love you!

Ann’s Birthday Trip to Disneyland

Another trip to Disneyland for Ann’s actual 20th birthday.. on Thanksgiving! I was grateful for not having to work this holiday and go into the park with her!


Ann's Birthday

Picture with DONALD!

So, that’s some events in a quick nutshell. It was actually fun going through all these pictures and looking back on these fun events in my life! Can’t wait for many, many more to come! SUMMERTIME!



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love. jason mraz.

love of my life, part 2.

This is Jason Mraz. He is probably the biggest celebrity crush I have.. Maybe after Brad Pitt. But Jason Mraz is so much more full of talent than what most people think. He definitely has got his talent on the stage, with his lyrical magic and his fingers on his guitar. His songs have such deep meanings to the words. I get so sick and tired of these mainstream songs on the radio about sex and drugs and whores and alcohol and on and on. Sure, Jason Mraz has his songs that contain HEAVY sexually connotated words and phrases but no one can deny that they are tastefully done.

Like I mentioned, there is so much more to him than just his music. He seems like such a down-to-earth, earth-loving, people-loving, genuine open-minded person. Never a hint of discrimination towards anything. He clearly loves life and cherishes every moment that life has to give. His positive thinking can only help you see the world in a more pleasant way. He lives up to his well-known phrase, BE LOVE.

As I’ve admired him as an artist, the more I see him at concerts and read his blogs, I have really begun to admire him as a person. His outlook on life and how he views it all is all very fresh. He is an example of truly living life to its fullest. And honestly, with a picture like that above, how could you not love him??

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